Aerospace Products

We supply a diverse portfolio of rings to our customers for all sections of the engine, from the fan, through the compressor and combustor to the turbine and exhaust.

Programmes include most of today’s civil and military engine programmes including Airbus A350’s Trent XWB, Trent 1000 for Boeing 787 Dreamliner, both Trent 900 and GP7000 for the Airbus A380, Eurofighter’s EJ200, TP400 for Airbus A400M and JSF lift engine.

Rotating Seals
Static Seal
Engine Mount Ring
Variable Vane Pivot Rings
Shroud Rings
Compressor Rings
Baffle Support Rings
Vent Ducts
Web Seals
Tip Clearance Control Rings
Brazed Honeycomb Seals

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