Quarry Equipment Chain

Why Choose Silcoms for your Quarry Conveyor Chain?

Silcoms Chain & Conveyor Systems supply a range of industrial engineered chain and sprockets to various OEMs and End Users for use in extremely hostile environments within industrial quarries.

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Chain component parts are proportioned to provide a well balanced design assuring maximum strength for minimum weight and ample reserve strength to permit normal wear and resistance to unexpected shock loads.

A full range of sprockets are available to complement this high standard chain. Elevator chain can be provided with various attachments, with hetzel design type sprockets available to suit the abrasive-dusty material environment.

Our vast experience, working with a wide range of companies both large and small, has enabled a great library of internal knowledge within our business expertise, which can only assist in ensuring the correct solution is found for each customer’s requirements. Our experiences can assist in ensuring repeatability for re-supply of existing components, or re-design/up-grade of new bespoke components as and when required.

If you need industrial engineered chains, sprockets, shafts or general machined components, why not call one of our friendly team to discuss your enquiry. We are happy to take information by telephone, or e mail. However should you require our expertise to visit your premises to undertake a survey of existing equipment, please do not hesitate to ask. This service/survey is “Free of Charge”.

Alternatively if you are looking at a new design we will work closely with you, enabling you to take full advantage of our vast experience in conveyor chains, sprockets and shafts gained within many industry sectors. On completion of the survey we provide an inspection report confirming chain, sprockets, and shaft condition.

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